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Thank you for your interest in the Bullish Consensus®. Whether your approach to the futures market is fundamental or technical, futures market sentiment analysis can be a highly potent tool. If you are new to futures trading, then you now have the opportunity to avoid some of the costly mistakes made by most newcomers. Even if you are a seasoned veteran, the Bullish Consensus® can help you to refine and perfect your present trading techniques.

Today�s traders find themselves in an information jungle; indicators and oscillators, systems and formulas, gurus and self-appointed experts. The noise can be deafening and it can produce more confusion than profit. Even if it were all sound analysis, no one individual could begin to keep up with it all.

Our point is this: trader sentiment determines the course of the markets. If enough traders are bullish, even for the wrong reasons, then prices will rise. You don�t need to know why those traders are bullish, only that they are willing to buy and drive prices higher. That�s where the Bullish Consensus® comes in. The Bullish Consensus® measures the futures market sentiment each day by following the trading recommendations of leading Commodity Trading Advisors. The Bullish Consensus® can allow you to trade with the trend each day until a Contrary Opinion situation develops.

Market Vane originated the idea of sentiment analysis in the futures markets back in 1964. The professionals quickly recognized it�s value and have followed it closely ever since. If you�re serious about your trading, then you�ll follow the Bullish Consensus® as well.

The Bullish Consensus® is available daily or weekly by E-mail or online. Also, historical Bullish Consensus® data can be purchased. Please click on the following links for more information. 

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